Grammar Course

This is a half-credit remedial grammar course that I developed for childiadren in order to help them understand the parts of speech. This course would be appropriate for upper elementary school to middle school aged children or those struggling with understanding these concepts.

The first part of the course is presented in a traditional Charlotte Mason method, and the second half using a project pack and  workbook. There are several resources used in this course. Some are available online for free others are required purchases.

You could add several literature selections and spelling to this course to create a one-credit language arts class.


(1) Grammar-land by M.L. Nesbitt.  A hard copy of the book can be purchased through Amazon or downloaded onto a Kindle.  You can download the text for free on Google Books or accessed for free online at Internet Archive.  The LibriVox (audiobook) can also be downloaded.

(2)  Daily Grammar website for better understanding of the parts of speech introduced in the book.

(3) A project pack, Operation: English Grammar, which can be purchased from Currclick.

(4) The Sentence English Workbook which can be purchased from Milestone Books.


Before beginning to read Grammar-land, download the worksheets for the book.

Day 1:  Read the introduction of Grammar-land.  Answer the following questions:  What is Grammar-land?  Where is Grammar-land?  Have you ever been to Grammar-land?  Who is Judge Grammar? Who are the nine parts of speech?

Day 2:  Read Chapter 1 and complete worksheet.

Day 3:  Read Chapter 2 and complete worksheet.

Day 4: Read Chapter 3 and complete worksheet.

Day 5: Read Chapter 4 and complete worksheet.

Day 7: Read Chapter 5 and complete worksheet.

Day 8:  Read Chapter 6 and complete worksheet.

Day 10:  Read Chapter 7 and complete worksheet.

Day 11: Read Chapter 8 and complete worksheet.

Day 12:  Read Chapter 9 and complete worksheet.

Day 13: Read Chapter 10 and complete worksheet.

Day 14:  Read Chapter 11 and complete worksheet.

Day 15: Read Chapter 12 and complete worksheet.

Day 16: Read Chapter 13 and complete worksheet.

Day 17:  Read Chapter 14 and complete worksheet.

Day 18:  Read Chapter 15 and complete worksheet.

Day 19:  Read Chapter 16 and complete worksheet.

Day 20: Read Chapter 17 and complete worksheet.

Day 21 – 39: Complete six exercises each day in Daily Grammar under the heading of Parts of Speech. Alternatively, you can purchase The Eight Parts of Speech Workbook from Milestone Books and complete a page a day in the workbook.

Day 40-57:  Complete the  Project Pack Operation: English Grammar, which can be purchased from Currclick.

Day 58-90:  Sentence Study. A Sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. All sentences have two parts – the subject (tells who or what the sentence is about) and a predicate (tells what the subject does or is).

  1. View this video on how to diagram a sentence.
  2. View this video on how to diagram sentences.

Complete a worksheet a day from the Sentence English Workbook for Days 58 – 90.



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