SY2017/2018: Physical Fitness First Semester (Health)

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The First Semester of Physical Fitness for the SY 2017/2018 consists of an 18 week health education study. The Second Semester of Physical Fitness consists of an 18 week physical education study.  Thus both semesters make a year’s study of Physical Fitness. Whealthe are using the book Health, Hygiene, and Nutrition for Grades 3-4 by Frank Schaffer Publications along with various videos, activities, and projects for the health education semester.

Please note that I developed for my children who are in grades 4, 3, and kindergarten.  For my kindergartener, I change all written assignments into oral narrative response.

Week #1:  What is Nutrition?  Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy Video on Nutrition  and  in your health journal write what you learned.

Week #2:  What is a Balanced Diet?  Watch Choose My Plate and Color the My Plate or fill in each section of My Plate with drawings or pictures of foods cut from magazines.

Week #3:  What am I Eating?  Listen to Alive with Five song. Begin to track your diet for three days. (Use page 15 of work text to complete or write it in your physical fitness journal.) After three days, answer the following questions:  (1) Did I eat foods from each food group?  (2) Was my diet balanced? (3) Are there things that I can do to improve my diet?

Week #4:  Let’s Get Cooking!  Let’s help mom in the kitchen to make On the Go Snack Boxes or On the Go Vegan Snack Boxes.  Choose a healthy lunch and dinner recipe to make with Mom.  Copy the recipe into your health journal.

Week #5:  How Do I Read Nutrition Labels? Watch Nutrition Fact Labels with Dr. Smarty.  Complete page 17 from your work text. Alternate activity:  Pick your favorite pantry food and answer the following questions in your health journal:  (1) What is the serving size?  (2) How many servings are in the container?  (3) What are the calories per serving? (3) What vitamins or minerals are contained the food item?  (4) How much fat is in a serving?  (5)  How much fiber is in a serving? (6) How much sodium is in a serving?  (7) How much cholesterol is in a serving?

Week #6:  Laboratory Activity – Food Chemistry: Test for Starch.  Watch this Food Chemistry Video.  Select 4 to 6 foods to test.  Complete page 16 of work text or this Laboratory Report Form.  After completing the laboratory activity answer the questions:  (1) What is starch? (2) What does starch change to in our body system?

Week #7: Nutrition  Assessment.  Complete page 45 of your work text. Alternatively, write an essay on what you have learned about nutrition.

Week #8:  What are the Systems of Our Body?  Watch this video about systems of our body. Write down the 11 systems of the body in your health journal and note what each system does.

Week #9: How Does Our Digestive System Work?.  Watch this video and this video about our digestive system and how it works.  Color and label this diagram of the digestive system.

Week #8 :  Laboratory Activity – Food Chemistry:  Soda & Meat.  There are many YouTube videos on how to do this experiment they use either pork or chicken.  This video about what happens when Pork & Cola are combined.  You can choose whatever fresh meat that you have on hand to do the experiment.  If you’re using the work text, read and complete page 31.  Alternatively, do the laboratory activity following the directions of the video that you choose and complete the laboratory report form that is linked above.  Answer the following questions in yr health journal:  (1) What the cola do?  (2) Should we drink cola? (3) Should we eat pork?  (4) What does the Bible say about clean and unclean animals?  (5) Is pork considered a clean meat? (5) Was Paul’s dream in Acts 10 about animals or people? (6) Did G-d change the Torah with Paul’s dream? (7)  What is the difference between the Hebrew tamai (unclean) and tahor (clean), and the Greek concepts of akathartos (unclean) and koinos (impure)?

Week #9:  What Does Your Poop Say About You?  Watch this Mamma Natural video on poop.  Track  your poop for the day and answer these questions in your health journal:  (1) How often did you poop today?  (2) What was the color of your poop?  (3) What was the form of your poop? Use the following worksheet (stool tracking) to track your stools for the day.

Week #10: What are Germs?  Watch Bill Nye Science Guy Video on Germs.  In your health journal write about what germs are and how our bodies fight them.

Week #12:  Laboratory Activity:  Hand Washing.  Watch this hand washing video and this video on how to wash your hands properly.  Now let’s wash our hands.  Answer the following questions in your health journal:  (1) Why should we wash our hands?  (2) When should we wash our hands?  (3) How should we wash our hands? Alternative exercise:  You can draw a comic strip about hand washing to answer the questions above.

Week #13:  Laboratory Activity:  Growing Bacteria.  Watch this video on how to make a homemade petri dish and growing bacteria. Follow the directions in the video.  Take pictures of the growth as it develops. Complete a laboratory report form that is linked above for this activity.

Week #14:  Body System Assessment.  Complete page 63 of the work text.  Alternatively, write an essay on what you have learned about the body’s systems and germs.

Week #15:  What is Dental Hygiene?  Watch this video on dental hygiene.  Use a brushing calendar to track your dental hygiene for a month. Complete this word search.

Week #16:  What are cavities?  Watch this video on cavities.  In your health journal, write about what causes cavities.  Look at this diagram of a tooth.  Copy the diagram into your health journal and label the parts of a tooth.

Week #17:  Laboratory Activity – Cavities:  Watch this video on how to conduct the laboratory activity. Chart the effect of the soda on the egg over a week. Complete a laboratory report form that is linked above for this laboratory activity.

Week # 18:  Dental Hygiene Assessment:  Write an essay on what you have learned about the body’s systems and germs.



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